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Selecting the proper system that best suits the needs has always been a very hard and tedious matter. Usually the business owners are not IT specialized or they don’t have the time and effort to: set their requirements, look for an appropriate vendor, and/or supervise the implementation.

We are here to help you do this task. We have the knowledge and experience, and will act as follows:

  • We will meet the board or senior management to understand the core business and the budget and time constraints
  • We will meet with all the departments involved
  • Based on the above we will define the requirements and set a proper RFP / Tender that will be forwarded to selected qualified vendors.
  • We will help you in selecting the most appropriate vendor.
  • We will continue supporting you by supervising the implementation and make sure that all clients (users) are satisfied as per the requirements and the business needs.
  • We will continue supporting you and consider ourselves as trusted advisors, as we believe in a long lasting relationship with our clients